Saturday, January 30, 2010

the changes i should have made

subhanallah.lots of things changed and happend since the day the first session of school starts.all things seems to come with tht very much of suddenness.

of something i never expected i could even bear its burden.but Allah knows better.His Plans,His Judgement and yes, His Mercy and Love knows that i could.

if only this body could ever be so strong.

at times, u never expected anyone to believe in you.but then, there are those who came and trusted you.believe in you.know that you can help them.

sometimes, you would try to tell them...that you are not the best.but they just wouldnt listen.

if only they knew...

the dead ends i may face.the stumbling block i may encounter.the high walls that never seem to collapse..i seek Your me so that i can try to be the best.

lately, there just seems to be lots of talking bout death.everybody seemd endorsed with the stories.but just how many did stop.turn around and take a look back of their life's history?

are our deeds enough to pass us through? have we done enough? our sins? did we seek Repentance and Forgiveness? have we done it? those questions seemd to fly me thru.

but the fitnah of Dunia.the time-constrain of works made me forgot.

a good friend of mine once gave a tazkirah:

"biarlah kita sibukkn diri kita dgn homeworks,dgn jawatan2,kelas2 tambahan. tapi jgn smpi kita sibuk sehingga lupakan Allah.."

he's rite.lately, i just read a blog - the blog that i often read.this brother, tho i do not know him well but only thru his blog, should be an inspiration to all of us.

battling a chronic disease, he perseveres tho he does know the verdict of the battle.from as i can see, his mother is very lucky to have him.a very good son,looking up to the stars above and yet so humble.he went to England to study Medics, but only to receive the news that he suffers the disease he should be studying.from there, he knows that Allah has made His Plans.

he went thru series of sessions.and each tym, posting to his there, words of courage and mettle showd how strong he is.words of Allah never fails to appear in his writings.and now.. i may no longer see new strengths from him.

and his latest post...

No affliction befalls in the earth, by way of drought [for example], or in yourselves, such as illness, or the loss of a child, but it is in a Book, meaning, the Preserved Tablet (al-lawh al-mahfūz), before We bring it about, [before] We create it — the same is said [to be true] of [God’s] graces — that is indeed easy for God. [57:22]

Brother, we will always pray for you.