Saturday, March 20, 2010

there was a moment like this

the idea to pen this down actually came to remembrance a few hours was another bleak thursday morning,yet serene enough to ensure my last paper was done nicely and neatly.right after the last minute,i was already hot on my heels,rushing back to the dorm to pack my bag.

(it took me 6 minutes to do that...)
so the super hot evening saw me sweating like a seal,running back and forth to make sure all debate stuffs are on the bus.and we're off!

at night,there were some..uhh..'taklimat'.but as usual,the only class that would light up and noisy with Bro Firdaus's teachings was ours.hahaha.we're darn good escapees:)

next day,the battle began.11 - 14 march 2010

session 1 = culture
against kusess
thbt traditional games should be made compulsory in schools (govt)
-alhamdulillah.this first win of ours was a great booster.and hasif was GOOD!

session 2 = sports
against sepintar
thbt sports team should be punished for violence perpetrated by their fans (oppo)
-again,hasif was the best speaker.

session 3 = environment
it was a bye!
-watched the BM team debated against i-dunno-what-school-was-it at somewhere.and whooots!lots of watchers!i saw kak wirdah,kak sofia,...and that's some company.

session 4 = social
against integom
thbt married couples should live with their parents (govt)
-unquestionably,the last two wins helped us to built better case.even kak aisya praised us for our case.and again,hasif was the best speaker.

session 5 = economy
against sas
thw support mega-sales (oppo)
-our first lost made us sure to be firmer and sturdier.but they did say it was one of their best match.hmm..i take that as a compliment!hahaha~

session 6 = politics and leadership
bye bye,bye~
-watched a bit of some debates,and went back to prepare for the night.bro firdaus,bro mukhariz,sis aisya,and another i-forgot-his-name guy was there too.and we skipped dinner too.hahahaha.

session 7 = education
against intersaber
thw support home-based schooling
-this was our determiner of going to the semis.and alhamdulillah,we made it.but come to think of it,it was also one of our best debates.we knew we had to give it all that night.the opponents were equally good too.esp the 3rd one.she got lots of supporters on the bench.hahaha.not to mention some quirky quotes on education which raised my eyebrows quite a few times..(she also mouthed the word 'tokoh nilam' at me when hasif said "bookworm")oh yeah,we too.brought the whole basketball team!hahaha!anyway zalikha,it was one of my best debates.thanks for it!and thx to syahir(i guess) n ezlyni/izlyni/ezlini..(either one kot)

the real fight...
semi-finals = science and technology
against asis
thbt technology has made us less human
-that was the day we did our super-duper bestest.kak aisya said it was even better than before's.

as everybody anticipated the results,we were all hoping for the best.but then again,everything happens for a reason.we were sad,for sure,when we knew we lost.still that wasnt the end of the world.even teacher faniza from sas gave us encouraging words which we took it gladly(coz actually,we kinda had cut a deal to go to kelantan together.hahaha.looks lyk hazim's the only one going).we won 4/6 matches.and hasif got the most 'best speaker'.

alhamdulillah,the BM team did win the finals.a 4years-in-a-row feat.wuuuhuuu!see ya in kelantan.hahaha.hopefully.

well,it ended.rmb guys,we did our best,and theres no reason to feel sad or guilty over it.the time may come when our hard work will pay off.all that are in the hands of Allah.we'll just keep on praying.
(and that night,bro firdaus treated us alice in wonderland - at 2am.hehe)

[kak aisya.kak...cgu zelasari.cgu hajar.bro mukhariz.abg otel]
[bro hidayat.bro atif]
thx to:teacher khairul husna and teacher zuraidah,for making our senior year as debaters a blissful memoir.thank you for all the knowledge and teachings.

thx to:bro atif and bro asyraf,for the endless tips and certainly helped!

thx to:bro mukhariz,for coming down all the way frm utp to support us,help us,and make sure we did it correctly.and for the green book too:)

thx to:bro firdaus,for the boundless tutor,expert advices,cool strategies,KFCs,pisang gorengs,sweets,chocolates,foods and was very uplifting to have you around teaching and helping us on debating.

thx to:kak aisya,eventho we just knew you,it's an awesome meeting!honestly,we feel soo lucky to have you around made us clear when all around were vague.thank you for that sis!(and gudluck!)

thx to:the opponents,particularly intersaber and sas - for such great debates.

thx to:the basketball team - on their very supportive loud cheers.hahahaha.esp cipot.

thx to:my teammates;amalina - your the best 1st speaker ive ever seen.your confidence is soooo unmatchable i never didnt even get close to that point.keep it up!
hasif - i dun know what to say about you.YOURE SO COOOOL! speaker for 4 times!and a best friend.thx buddy for all the helps!goodluck too!
and azleen - thx for everything.i mean it!the sandwiches,orange juice,tissues,staplers,..all of em.your the best helper!:):):)

*sighing* thank you,Allah.for the life you gave,for the friends you gifted,for the time you allowed,for the days you lived me through,for the knowledge you let me into,for the strength you lifted my spirit with,for the help you side me with,for the light you guided me into,and for the times you were always there for me.

i knew you were there to help me,and i know you are here with me.


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it's ezlyni lah!

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an enthralling read...-sunday's times.

Sir Dr. Afiq said... and commented by the distinguished Editor.

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Lisya said...

is it just me or u really copied my way of writing again?? hahaha..

if zalikha is the sunday times authority, somehow, i feel like being mitch albom,