Friday, April 30, 2010

our steps:our history

it's my last tournament of iium interschool debating championship.and it was certainly something id never want to forget.not because of the winnings,but because of the memories that would become a part of me someday.everything was decided.and i was the lucky one to have this part of His decision.

Nur Amalina             [1st speaker]
         Wan Mohamad Hasif [2nd+reply speaker]
Me                          [3rd speaker]
Azleen Zaihira          [4th speaker]

lots of helping hands came.bro atif,bro fitri,sis mizani,sis aqmar,kak aisya n kak teha,bro mukhariz and bro firdaus for their support tho they couldnt come.and never forgotten,the talking about the whole debate stuff, lemme just simplify the matches.its best to ramble about what i got there.more at heart.hahahaha!

olrite first draw [17042010]
thw introduce sex education in malaysian schools
mrsm balik pulau vs smapk
we won.

thw use convict labors for national projects
smapk vs mrsm lenggong

3rd [18042010]:
thw suspend athletes who commit gross social indecencies.
smapk vs ssp

thw teach swimming classes to countries that are sinking due to global warming.
smapk vs smk assunta

thw ban any depictions of minors engaging in consensual sex on television
sdar vs smapk

6th [19042010]:
thw allow airlines to make obese passengers pay for weight-surcharge
smk (l) methodist vs smapk

thankfully, we broke to the double octos:
thw never give the death penalty to anybody ever and ever
smstsss vs smapk

the octos:
thw entitle housewives and househusbands to claim for fixed wages from their working spouses.
smapk vs sas
surprisingly,we won.

the quarter-finals [20042010]
thw force doctors to divulge information for suspected domestic violence cases.
smss vs smapk

and so that's basically what happend.

now,on a more refined journey of the whole debating thing, i discovered that debating is not just about arguing.the most important thing it teaches is confidence.more importantly,the bond of what i like to call, debate family.its all about supporting and trusting.something i really like to rmb.hahaha.

its barely visualizing now,those memories of bro atif and bro fitri hardworkingly trying to wake me and hasif up (esp me!) after a long and tiring day.they too,at times gave sooo many words of encouragements.could still rmb what bro fitri told me after the match  that night against sas.the match that i was soo dissatisfied with.but then again, its all back to Allah.thx bro!sis mizani and sis aqmar's sacrifice of their sweet holiday, coming all the way to accompany us.they were the very supportive sisters.could still rmb sis aqmar arriving during our match against smk assunta with her touching.hehe.kak aisya and kak teha also came.somtimes they'd drop by straight from work just to meet us and make sure we're ok.and of course mdm zuraidah.dunno what to many sacrifices done.all the way from school.she had the best luffs at the audi,coming with lots of newspapers,riding in her car back to mahallah.after the tournament,we went to celebrate.she bursted again in yet another string of luffter when we reopened the last year's story of "wait a moment~".phew~what a memory.and lots of other things im starting to forget.lots of other memories i cld barely rmb now.dunno whats happening.tht's y im capturing it here.hahahaha:)

they say debating is also a platform where you meet other people.well,i think i found more than just friends back from the jenesys trip: zalikha,anis,farhan.met them there - again.still the same.still them.only that i think im much taller than anis.haha.perasan.appearance-wise, quite a few of the girls, her eyes are somewhat a bit different.hmm..and yup.did met the three of them like we always do back then.i secretly went outside the main hall during the english finals to say a few 'Hi's and probably the last goodbyes.farewells?i hate them.hahaha!i noe the next day i wont have much tym anymore.that nite was the only chance.but too bad din have a pic with them.regrets? fault anyway.and the only one all the way from north.nur adilla.managed some 'hi's when watching the BM team going against kisas at semis.saw haikal too,during the grand dinner - my best fren back then in primary school.wondering too where the KP of stf went - liyana syahirah.i swear i saw [STF] boldly written in the registration sheet.came to know they couldnt come due to h1n1(?).thx too to the ppl of intesaber.umm..akhiar,syahir,zalikha,ezlyni for spending their time a bit during one of the dinners.and to their seniors too.oh.hasif and i was in the same room with smstsss's students btw.never thot we would go against them at the double octos!hahaha.luckily nothing happened back inside the room.hehe.

and every nite,the both of us would sneak up to the bro's room to listen to their nightly 'tazkirah's.and all of these are flashing in my head right at this very moment as im typing it into words here.the sheer determination of immortalizing it.

and the team.dunno what else to say.seriously guys, THANK YOU for everything.we luffed,scuffled,argued,smiled,discussed,got confused together,saddened,joyed..all done together in the name of teamwork and talking about ukhuwah.this is something different.something i never wished or dreamt of-but beautifully, it played its script with His Guides.just for me to have,and im thankful for also thankful for the only other guy in the team, wan mohamad hasif.the team-player i might say,he did a few saves and endearing reply speeches which led to our victories.very capable and fluent in his speech.lots of things i learnt from him.not just debating, but also for my personal use.often times when i started helling my mouth with words of inconfidence,he would remind me and said: "afiq, ad hadis ckp:berkatalah yg baik sahaja atau diam".subhanallah.some guy here.wonderful guy.sorry for all my faults and inconvenience and 'bad mouth'.

and amalina -'re one confident girl.with her cute-and-somewhat-non asian looks (once asked her about that),she's the best and convincing 1st speaker ive ever met.done lots of great jobs in either presenting or rebutting the case.still rmb her baffled looks when listening to hasif's explaination during prep time.and sometimes during debate,she'd get 'sounded' by terribly sorry amalina.maybe it was the pressure.or maybe i just lack confidence in myself - my bad.

to azleen, hardworking and obedient daughter at home,i guess.haha.she's the one who would be carrying all those stack of papers.writing down the Stands and Points.searching for the dictionary.handing out blank papers.keeping our phones during debate.clapping her hands and cheering us up.being the Devil during prep time.who says a reserve dun do anything?and azleen, we really really appreciate it and we'd really like to say thank you for all those'd be really hard for us if there was no "You".personally, sorry too for any inconvenience i might have caused you.i noe i did,dun deny that.and thru all of you too, i learnt what it means of supporting and teamwork and trust.thank you.

after that quarter finals, i said to myself that would be the last of my debate career.and up to this day,id still rmb those ppl who had made it a part of me.the question here,just how much would i rmb it again?

"and therefore,i rest my case.thank you"

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