Thursday, June 17, 2010

repacking my life

bizarre kismets of an ordinary life.
yeah,certainly,thats whats happening to me.

to be honest and frank,
im not me at the moment i guess.
couldnt control myself these days.

but friendship do come a long way,
in rebuilding your strength and hope
its all about trusting and being trusted.
something i learned for the past two-weeks.

but hey,
its not easy to trust someone so deeply
and not a walk in the garden either
to earn the trust of someone.

the curtains drawing.
its about time i forget all those nonsense,
and start reshaping my goal,
repacking my efforts,
replenishing my ambitions.

set my goal,
aim for it,


Izzati said...

my prayer will always be with u, lil bro :)

kasih dania said...

nice blog...wish u best of luck...=)

Sir Dr. Afiq said...