Tuesday, September 7, 2010

framing young minds

The young generation needs to learn the ability and skills of leadership to inculcate a more tolerant and framed outlook for their future.Being in a multicultural society, they need to be exposed to greater interactions between different ethnic groups and cultures.It is thus in fact,that young leaders would only bring about a tolerant future given them the understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

But the problem of today's ensuing issues,parents tend to ignore the fact that when it comes to a nation of multiculturalism,freedom,and tolerance - the art of compromise and strong sense of reasoning,collaboration and teamwork,negotiating,forging new relationships- are all to concern to lie on the shoulders of our future leaders.

In a typical family,natural born and smart leaders - those who would make great leaders - are always told off to read Medics or Engineering rather than Law or Politics.More often than not,the mere idea of criticism and self-decision would be somewhat pushed aside or heatedly argued.They are always subjected to the idea of following the parents wishes of seeing a Doctor or Engineer in the family.Always on the hearing the idea that parents' decisions are the best.In the end,they remain in the same society frame and life cycle:study hard,get a job,and live happily ever after.As if.

They go to university,learning things different than what they are made of,go back home and start a career very different than what they are naturally entitled to.They would always be ignored their choice and decision when it comes to future,facing challenging family pressure.Another great mind is wasted.What could be useful to the society goes down the drain,flagging another possible downfall of a society.What could be used to revive the society is quieted.The parents are happy,but will the child?

Youths these days,not all are given the freedom of choice when it comes to their future.Most of the time,the encouragement would go into the professional field and not for them to assume leadership roles.Youths are needed to be taught the ability of sharp reasoning and critical leadership mindset.These vital abilities are more too often the prerequisites in order for them to lead.They need to have a strong and sturdy engagement with politics in order to become better leaders.

"Responsible leadership starts from being responsible citizens".True enough.Young children can already be taught the basic concept of equal citizenship.They can already be taught the skills of communicating and making strategies.Even at a young age,leadership qualities can already be traced and refined.Normally,children who tend to have the desire to face tough challenges,risks and obstacles would normally make the best leader.In one or another,they would try very hard to find the solution for the problems at hand with such air of supreme confidence.Respecting other cultures and different opinions tops above all.

It is sometimes saddening to see,that even at primary level,some youths are already discreted and separated by ethnicity, enticing the possibility of growing in stereotypes.This is when the of open-mindedness demands a look.Besides,as experience may convey it,stuffs like (credits to Bro Firdaus) rules of law,individual liberty,concepts of market economy,and principals of a democratic government, aren't that hard to explain.All it takes is the feeling of responsibility and the desire to learn.Trust me,if given the choice,I'd make myself really useful.

And therefore,youths today need to expand their knowledge base to gain insights of what the future of a progressed and unified nation would be in the next decade.

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