Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the eppal

the beautiful red eppal still it vies
high above the eppal tree it lies.
i once saw it in a garden of fruits
a joyful land of budding new shoots.
i trod and milled beneath the tree
skipped in its shade a heart of glee.
hoping someday for a miracle to come by
as it falls in my hand all the while i try.
oh what a day when the ruby did!
so i thanked God for the love He cede.
held it in my palm,to muse and say:
"shall i eat thee?oh no never nay!"
"for nothing shalt compare to the beauty of thy,"
"for thou shalt always be the apple of my eye."

miraculously penned in the few minutes after finishing Bio Paper 1.
bored,peered around,and i just knew what to write:)


Lisya said...

well, wht can i say, u dun need a saga to write, ure a natural articulater of messages. (haha, i refuse u to type down ure a natural poet.)

good job.i nvr gt bored.

Sir Dr. Afiq said...

ahahaha,ur just jealous aint ya.hey.ur sagacious story of u being a raconteur.well that really set me on the edge.cool habis!

stil.im a natural hahaha.

Mr Fab said...

oit, sm ade papeje ngan epal smapk.. haha

Sir Dr. Afiq said...
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