Sunday, March 27, 2011

wasiat imam hasan al-banna kepada mu

1. Wahai kawanku, apabila saudara mendengar azan, maka bangunlah sembahyang sertamerta walau bagaimana keadaan sekalipun.

2. Wahai kawanku, bacalah Al-Quran atau tatapilah bukubuku atau pergilah mendengar perkataanperkataan yang baik ataupun amalkan zikrullah, dan janganlah sama sekali saudara membuang masa walaupun sedikit dalam perkara yang tidak berfaedah.

3. Wahai kawanku, dorongkanlah diri untuk menguasai bahasa Al-Quran. Mulakan dulu walaupun sepatah perkataan. Sebenarnya anda telah lama bermula sejak anda solat setiap hari. Sebut dahulu walaupun tidak faham. Antara malapetaka pertama menimpa umat kita ialah kecuaian menguasai bahasa agamanya. Juga mengutamakan bahasa pasar.

4. Wahai kawanku, janganlah banyak bertengkar dalam apaapa perkara sekalipun kerana pertengkaran kosong itu tidak memberi apa pun jua kebaikan.

5. Wahai kawanku, senyumlah selalu tetapi bersederhanalah dalam ketawa. Rasulullah SAW adalah yang paling banyak senyum, beliau ketawa kena pada tempatnya tapi berpadapada sahaja. Wahai kawan, Plato juga berharap agar pementasan hiburan yang tidak bermutu terlalu banyak ketawa bodoh hanyalah disaksikan oleh golongan abdi dan orang upahan asing. Begitu juga Aristotle berpendapat supaya golongan belia ditegah daripada menyaksikan hiburanhiburan yang membolehkan perbuatan ketawa berlebihlebihan. Supaya tidak menular keburukan dalam diri.

6. Wahai kawanku, janganlah bergurau kerana umat sedang berjuang itu tidak mengerti melainkan bersungguhsungguh dalam setiap perkara.

7. Wahai kawanku, janganlah saudara bercakap lebih nyaring daripada kadar yang dikehendaki oleh para pendengar kerana percakapan yang begitu nyaring adalah suatu resmi yang siasia malah menyakiti hati orang.

8. Wahai kawanku, jauhilah daripada mengumpatngumpat peribadi orang, mengecamkan pertubuhanpertubuhan, janganlah bercakap melainkan apaapa yang boleh memberi kebajikan.

9. Wahai kawanku, berkenalkenalanlah dengan tiaptiap saudara Muslim yang saudara bertemu dengannya sekalipun tidak meminta saudara berkenalan, kerana asas gerakan Dakwah kita adalah berkasihsayang dan berkenalkenalan.

10. Wahai kawanku, kewajipankewajipan kita lebih banyak daripada masa yang kita ada. Oleh itu tolonglah saudaramu sendiri tentang caracara bagaimana hendaklah mengguna masa dengan berfaedah dan jika saudara mempunyai tugas sendiri, maka ringkaskanlah pelaksanaannya.

tokoh pejuang yg begitu dikagumi.andai diberi waktu,ingin saja diceritakan seluruh kisah hidupnya.hmm,insyaAllah.andai diizin.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

we strive for,EXCELLENCE!

Ya Allah, Engkaulah yang Maha Tahu, Kau bimbinglah hatihati kami ini agar sentiasa menerima dengan hati yang lapang pada setiap perkara yang Engkau tentukan buat diri kami..

the ever ringing oath, chimed melodiously in the hall.
the ever ringing oath, now a part of us.
we took the oath. and we'll continue to do so,
whether we like or not.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

jpa/mara interview tips

It's that time of the year again where hopeful scholarship candidates look around for tips on interviews and such.

if you're selected (ameen) for the JPA or MARA interview,ie for PILN, IB or maybe locals (ada ke?could sumone clarify please), u might be wondering what kind of freaking questions might gun u down during that interview. Believe me, the panels will do their best to provoke u and the only way to make sure that u DONT panic or sweat is to, well, PREPARE. And most of the questions thrown are very much encapsulated under the title of Current Issues. So grab those NSTs or wtv, and be prepared.

Questions sometime asked during JPA Scholarship’s Interview

1.Yang Dipertuan Agong's name
2.What is JPA minister name
4.Prime minister’s father’s name
5.Minister's/Menteri Besar/Chief Minister's/JPA DG Name
6.What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time. What would you contribute to the country
7.Which country would you choose to study oversea? Why?
8.Why do you think you deserve the scholarship?
9.What strength do you have to go study overseas
10.What income do you expect when you graduated
11.what would you do if JPA does not offer you a scholarship two lines from Rukun Negara
13.Talk about a mistake you made and what you learnt from it
14.Singing of patriotic song (Keranamu Malaysia, Khidmat Negara)

Questions asked during 2008 JPA Scholarship’s Interview

The topics are:-

1.What is Vision 2020 to you? What are the challenges in reaching Vision 2020?
2.Which movie do you like the most and why?
3.why education is important
4.Steven Hawking's "The Brief History of Time"
5.How Malaysians students can do better abroad
6.Malaysia's younger generation prefer to watch entertainment program than to watch serious programs such as news and current affairs
7.Belajar di luar negara memberi kelebihan berbanding belajar di dalam negara.
8.Healthy Lifestyle. Way of promoting healthy lifestyle while studying abroad
9.Rising oil prices is a threat to our country's economy
10.Major achievements and developments of Malaysia from the past 50 over years since
11.What is the best sports achievement in Malaysia
12.PhD Scholars: do they serve purpose for the development of community and country or it is for namesake?
13.Ko-kurikulum sedikit-sebanyak menjejaskan pelajaran. Setuju atau tidak?
14.China and India are rising stars of economy in Asia. Do u agree with that? will this growth help Malaysian economy or pose a threat to the economy? In your opinion, what should be done to improve malaysia's economy to compete with them?
15.Reality TV programme
16.why local graduates can't find job?
17.One thing you wish to change about your school life; what would it be and why
18.Patriotism / How and what should you do to show patriotism
19.Telefon mudah alih-keperluan atau kemewahan / Is mobile phones a necessity or luxury
20.Do you agree that there's been a decline in reading among the young?
21.banyak palajar yang telah dihantar overseas tidak mahu balik ke malaysia untuk kerja selepas graduate. apa langkah yang boleh JPA ambil untuk tarik mereka balik ke msia.
22.How can Malaysian students studying abroad promote Malaysia
23.Do u agree that our education system is too exam-orientated
24.Housewife as the first line in the development of human capital resources.
25.The recent cases of child abduction have increased public awareness on the lack of security in the country.
26.visit malaysia year 2007
27.sekolah kluster / cluster school
28.NAM/ PBB /OIC / ASEAN to be a good leader
30.Who aspires &inspires you
31.Why government still send students abroad when we Malaysia intend to be an education hub in our region?
32.The secret of success
33.What are your proudest achievements in life to this date
34.Do you think those who got 10 a1 and above should automatically granted a scholarship
35.RMK9 - 9th Malaysia Plan
36.Dewan Rakyat
34. Is money everything?
35. Disadvantage of internet
37. should we have limitation on freedom of expression
38. Suruhanjaya REID
39. How do you describe a developed country? What should be used as an indicator to a developed nation?
40. Proton is our locally produced cars. However, efforts by the government to promote Proton have been deemed a burden to the people. In your opinion, should or should not Proton be manufactured?
41. Children nowadays are spoiled, unruly and indiscipline. Is it true.
42. Palestine-Israel Issue
43. GE 2008
44. Pelan Integriti Nasional
45. Pirated cds affect entertainment industry
46. Benifits of participation of cocuriculum-based activities?
47. Technology is a Double-edged Sword
48. AFTA
49. IMF
50. What type of person do you think JPA is looking for?
51. pada pendapat anda, apakah bidang yang memberi impak terbesar kepada negara?
52. Rules are mend to be broken, Give your opinion
53. Unemployment among graduates.

All the best guys :D SPM 2010's candidates, have a blast!

p/s :for most of those questions (debate topics) , u can find the answer here : @
     and for other current issues, read the papers k.goodluck, and have faith in Him.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ever so kind

اللّهمّ إِشْفِ شِفَاءً لا يُغَادِرُ سَقَمًا

To ponder over something that has long gone, to seek for something that is no longer there, to smile at those pasts and beforeness, to pick up those precious gems of recollections, to dwell on the notion over an obligated sacrifice, to be what I am destined for, to continue bearing the pain..

Yet so vague over the remnants of the beautiful feelings that used to be there.

Yes, I was mistaken. I just didn't know. I was lost. Alone in the darkness and estrangement. Hands in the dark, reaching and searching for something - blindly trying to get my way through. And it was in those darkest hours that I tripped, stumbled, fell into a gripping and terrifying ravine.. but failing every bit of attempt to see what hit me at those times. When I looked behind my back, all I could see was pitch blackness and shrieking emptiness, void of even the slightest hint of light. There was nothing I could lay my eyes on. So I, arrogant and egoistic as ever, shrugged, turned around and continued to walk the deviated path, without seeing where I was going. I held on to believe that I was right. The fact that nobody had the right to tell me what to do. Ignorance is bliss? Heck, that is the easiest way to ruin one's life. An easy way to a very, very hard end.

And I was unknowingly walking to that end.

It wasn't hard actually, to realize where I was going and what path had I took. All I needed was one simple question : "What am I doing??". And then suddenly, the light that I had lost for so long emerged out of nowhere. Everything was illuminated. When I turned around, I saw them: the hands around me that had been trying so hard to hold and guide me all this while - but easily ignored, the frustations and disappointments ,the big and little thorns I purposedly left behind, the blackest mistakes I've done, the pools of tears I caused, shredded hopes, shattered hearts.. everything. And it was this very question that caused them to echo violently in my mind..

"What happened to you?? You've changed!"

BAM! Guilt panged without the dearest mercy, and I fell to my knees. I just couldn't believe what I saw. Everything. I trembled at the hideous monster I'd allow myself to become. That creature in the mirror who hurted so many. How could I be just so.. cruel??  

And "I'm sorry" was all I could force out of me. Horrible.

..أستغفر الله العظيم.. أستغفر الله العظيم.. أستغفر الله العظيم

Allah oh Allah, please and please, be with me! Guide me, test me, forgive me. Please don't let me go astray once more. Please, don't let me be far from You..

I don't want to lose You..
Never ever, not even once.

Do know that this is no longer a blame game, not even to myself. The only reason a piece of the complexity in my mind purposely 'lives' here is because all of these aren't something I can just forget. And I have my own reasons why I won't.


Dear Heart,

I know too well how you feel. I know every feelings of pain, happiness, sadness, love, missing, endearing and hope that washed through you every moment. I feel what you're feeling, and I am with you. I too am human, with you so stubborn yet fragile inside me. Still, no matter how possessive you may be, I am your master. Allah promised that.

Do know that for everything that happened, there is a reason why. I did what I had to. You may not know the answer now, but along the winding road we are going to take together, through the ups and downs of life we'll be enduring, the harder tests we are yet to face up ahead - we will find the answer. I know that sometimes, it's utterly too painful for you to bear. I know how it felt to have your whole 'world' crashing for a decision so unbelievable. But hey, it was just a test for you and me. A testament to prove our love for Him. He knows we love Him, so that's why He tested us - He missed us.

There is no reason to remember those bitter memories and lament them. We'll just take a quick peek behind, and move on for our entire life. Yes yes, I know how painful it is to leave a finite love - something we shouldn't be involved in the first place - to go after His Love far above and here, inside and closest to us deep within you. But it's a must. Remember, for every painful sacrifice we give Him, won't there be the sweetest reward awaiting us?

Be strong ok? Don't let yourself be swayed by the beauty of the world and downed by the tests from Him. Never give up. Islam needs syababs who are united and knows the value of a deen. I may not see the changes I long to see, but I badly hope I can be among those pioneering them.

Stay true to what you hold on all this while. In you, there will always be exclusive places for our Rabb, our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, my parents, my brothers and sisters of Islam, and my fated soulmate, strictly. She will be His gift for me, and she deserves a 'first-hand' place inside you. Never a second. If I ever forget this, remind me. And I will listen.

"Jaga hati ya akhi."

There will be much more to give and sacrifice on this journey. It'll never be easy and He, the Most Knowing and Loving, promised that. But He did promised guidance and hidayah, we only have to ask. The best of all, He also promised a beautiful rainbow - if we're lucky, two - after every downpour. Be with me, and we shall go through this together.

ان شاء الله  :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Polar Ku Polar Mu

berfikir barangkali
ya ,
ku yakin ku berfikir
jauh sudah
suatu kenyataan mungkin
yang gamat melanda umat
gersang pemimpin
tandus ilmu
hilang jiwa-jiwa jihad
rugi sungguh
sungguh menghampakan
umat ditimpa bala.

kasihan bukan ?
sedang bangsa lain sibuk kejar maju
kita sibuk kejar kayangan , 
meninggal agama lagi tu
bahagia ?
mereka kata :
"Pergi mampus."
bahagia apa kalau agama diadatkan
bahagia apa kalau sabda Nabi dimainkan
bahagia apa kalau ulama dicaci-hina
"Eleh macam confirm diorang masuk syurga bagi fatwa sana sini."
heh , 
kau kira kau lagi bagus dari mereka?
jangan sesekali hina ulama
kalau salah,tegur
hmm sambung
bahagia apa kalau bulan puasa disambut sepi , 
tapi aidilfitri dipestaadatkan
bukak telebisen tampak gelagat manusia yang dah tak reti malu
joget bagai dalam lagu 2012 oleh Jee Syon
"Party like, like it's the end of the world."
mereka kata :
"Palehotak dia.Kiamat weyy.Fikir dosa lah!"
sekali lagi
mereka yang kata , bukan saya
hari raya yang patut jadi sebulan tanda bersyukur
berselawat ke paling kurang
minggir sepi...
jadi apa ?
jadi bulan pesta yang penuh maksiat di dada telebisen
kadang tu rancangan nyanyi nyanyan sahaja boleh capai sebulan
bangsat sungguh agama yang diadatpestakan
Islam itu indah lah !
tolonglah jangan hinanya !
malaysia kutercinta ,
bangkitlah semula Islam pada mu
seperti yang termaktub kemas dalam perjanjian tebal itu
Islam agama rasmi negara .
moga moga .

itu satu .

kedua ,
tak tahu nak cakap apa
diam je lah
kadang terfikir ,
sinikal sungguh fikiran ku
analitikal sungguh poin
naluri apatah lagi
kuat berderam
bagai nubari sekalian manusia kudengar
mampir sahaja nyata itu
malas bercandu perasaan yang sudah
bagai berkhayal yang tiada henti
kuat lah semangat dalam ini
lebih baik merencana pembangunan kalau tak pun jihad menentang taghut bukan?
ku khuatir
hilang sudah jiwa membara itu
terbuai buai
cuba mengunjur kekecewaan
serba serbi sungguh manusia
jangan terlalu dikenang yang sia sia untuk dikenang
cukup sekadar menoleh untuk mengutip ibrah dari daripada pengalaman
diladeni apa yang belum pasti
ke mana hilangnya kuat jihad itu!
kecewa sungguh
kecewa itu perlu,tapi jangan terlalu
bukan pada diri ku
sungguh , bukan diri ini maksud ku .

biar lah
biar sahaja aku melangkah
walau berderu seorang
kerana ku yakin ada jemaah menanti
"Malas sungguh."
jangan sesekali diungkap kalimat keramat itu
bisa kan ?
kau terlupa barangkali
membunuh semua yang pernah berharap
sesekali datang petunjuk
tapi syaitan tampaknya lebih licik
kalau tak kerana iman yang lemah
sekarang baru tahu susahnya memadam istilah 'putus asa' dalam hidup ?
putus asa pada apa , bergantung lah
jalan jihad tidak sekali
tapi , 
mungkin pada yang lain?
ertinya ,
kamu tahu ?
bukan putus asa barangkali , melainkan berpatah arah
mujahadah bagaimana ya ?
perlu tambah gula lebih sedikit dalam kepahitan mujahadah
jadikan ia manis
bermaknakah ia kalau nafsu sendiri sukar diperangi ?
itulah mujahadah sungguhnya
perlahanlah , walau terpaksa bertatih mahupun merangkak dahulu
asal sahaja usahanya ada
terbanglah tinggi hendak mu , tapi ingat ,
biar patah sayap bertongkat paruh
daripada membiarkan diri tak menapak walau selangkah..

ku bisa hilangkan segalanya
agar tak terbuai dan terlena
dunia , cinta palsu , duit , pangkat , gelaran serba-serbi yang lip lap
mainan semata-mata
mungkin benar ku tak punya perasaan
tapi itulah terbaik kira ku.
paling tidak,
tak terbantut kemahuan ku yang membara!

Friday, March 4, 2011

unspoken truths 1

from a brother of Islam ,
a kind reminder to my sisters ,
and maybe answers to those who were asked.

spread the words.