Saturday, September 10, 2011

thank you for that unconditional love

Imagine, if one day you were given the chance to relive the very first day of your life. Don’t you want to see the auspicious moment we were brought into this world? To see, how your parents handled you with such care and love? If you could see the hopes in their eyes and the love in their smile, it’ll give a wrenching feeling inside us..when we aren’t able to fulfil all their hopes on us.

“Ayah,nanti kita besarkan baby ni,kita jadikan dia orang yang soleh ya?”

“Honey, our baby’s gonna be someone. We’ll bring him up with love, and we’ll make sure of that..”

They gave all they could – every ounce of love, money and protection. They worked hard, very hard. Moms, at the very break of dawn, would be the one preparing breakfast while we still could have gone back sleeping after Subuh prayers. Dads, the person to live up with such mettle and determination to bring up his family. We wonder, at all times, where did they get this strength. They may not say it everyday. Sometimes once in a while. But whenever, every single second, every minute and every hour, they love us. With all their heart and soul. And it’s unconditional.

Mak, Ibu, Mama, Ma, are still the same person who carried us for nine months and ten days without regret. Ask them. Did they ever regret bringing us here into this world? No. And we should make it stay that way. Believe me, no matter how hard the times may be, she’ll always love you. No matter what. She would give all her might and energy to feed us. She would look at us every morning before we wake up, and with such softness she’d wake us up, “ Sayang, bangun solat subuh” .  She was the one who, when we were little and attending kindergarten, bathed us and combed our hair. She’d whisper in our ears, “Hari ni belajar rajinrajin ye sayang. Be good, and make me proud :)” We kissed her forehead and walks away without looking back. But she was there, looking on till we were really inside our class. When we tripped at school and came back home bleeding, she stayed up all night checking our wound. When we cry, she came to us and hugged us, telling that everything’s gonna be fine. We believed her, and we became calm. When we need someone to love with, to ask questions, to make us some food – we always look for our moms.

She wouldn’t give in to negative words about her children. She would protect us with all that she could. And it’s the strength and power of love that give her the soul she needs to continue bringing us up.

Now that we are older, we often think that we’re always right. Always. We no longer take ‘no’ as an answer, and only our answers are the ones correct. We became distant, too busy with study life and all. Too busy even to give them a call once a day or at least, once a week. We only come to them when we need something. And worst of all, we become shy to even say “I love you Mak” . We become strangers to our own Moms. Astaghfirullahalazim.

How? How did two hearts that once binded became distant? Something has must gone wrong. Is it her, or it’s actually US? We became selfish. And we won’t admit it. But sometimes, if we really love our parents, we would miss them. Dearly missing them. It’s no longer about the food or ‘Hi’s or updates. But it’s actually about seeing them and wanting to be beside them and wanting too,with all our heart, tell them how much we love them. How much we appreciate what they had done to us. How much love and care they’ve given and that we would never ever be able to repay back. How much we wished that for the rest of our life, we really want to make up for all our mistakes towards them and take the role to care for them back. Yes, deep inside us, that’s what we really want.

Cinta ibu bapa adalah cinta agung. Cinta yang datang terus dari Dia, dicampakkan ke dalam hati dua insan yang belum melihat lagi pun bagaimana rupa kita. Cinta itu ikhlas, agung dan suci. Itulah cinta kedua yang kita merasa selepas cinta Dia. Kerana cinta Dia kita dihidupkan, dan kerana cinta mereka kita terus hidup. Mereka mengajar kita agar mencintai Dia dahulu, kemudian Rasulnya, dan kemudian baru mereka. Cinta ini jangan dipandang remeh, jangan diperlekeh, jangan dimarah, jangan dilawan dan jangan dilukai. Mereka mengajar kita mengenal Tuhan, dunia dan akhirat, kawan dan lawan, syurga dan neraka. Mungkin mereka ada kekurangan, tapi mereka sama sekali tidak mahu kita ada kekurangan tersebut. Mungkin mereka pernah melakukan kesilapan, tapi mereka sama sekali tidak mahu kita mengulangi kesilapan mereka. Apa yang mereka tidak mampu ajarkan kepada kita, mereka hantar kita ke sekolah dengan harapan kita berkongsi apa yang kita tahu. Biarlah mereka tahu, bahawa kita teramat menghargai mereka.

We may not be able to relive that first day. But we can always live up today. I could go on forever talking about love towards our parents. Because I was told that I’m good with words? Haha. I believe we all need to be loved and love, because that’s the very reason Allah created us anyway. So go on, carilah ibu atau mak kita, peluk mereka, dan katakan “I love you Mak”.

After all, who else would love us before we even live,right? ^_^