Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life Is A Dough

Look into the sky and you’ll see Allah’s personal engineering. Perfection of a flawless design. Ever wondered how did that happened? The sky need not pillars nor beams to support them and yet, they are there. Astoundingly beautiful and a wonderment. Yes, ever wondered how out of nothingness, He created a world of mysteries and beauties? Read the Quran, you’ll find the answer. We often become to busy with the daily ongoings, that we tend to mislook all the small things that would make us smile. The nature, our family and friends, and life. Especially, life.


Every person is given different form of lives. None of us have the same set of ‘script’ as we go through life. Well, as far as I know. Wallahualam. But the point here, Allah gives us different purposes in life (notice the plural). We could be A or B or even C. Different than the others. Some people might argue that their career is the same as others and that doesn’t make any difference. Well let’s not debate on that, because as far as I can see, though we might have similar career or experience, it’s very fair to say that none of us is doing the same thing (everything) every single second with someone else. Now get the ‘script’ I’m trying to push through? Great.

As we move along the ‘script’ (ie qadar) we go through personal experiences that no other people have ever gone through. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we would always come back to Him. Alas, isn’t the main purpose, the main objective, the main ‘career’ He gives us is to worship Him? There.. you’re smiling now.. :) Uh-oh, can’t remember?  Open up Surah ad-Dzaariyat, verse 56.

 I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me.

As we understood more about the purpose of our living, other things before us begin to unfold. Why this, why that.. why not this, why not that. Sometimes we want this and He gave us that and vice versa. In the beginning, we may not understand why is He doing all that. We question Him, we blame Him, we turn our backs on Him..nauzubillah. But in the end, as we begin to see all those hikmahs and sweetness He wants us to have, we begin to smile. We thank Him because we are pleased. But for those times that we didn’t understand, did He feel hate towards us? No. Not at all. For He is? The Most Loving and Most Compassionate. Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. Everyday we say this, but why not everyday,   we anticipate to feel the story behind the meaning? Surely, Allah has a unique way of showing His love :)



A good life is like a good dough. The mixtures are perfect. Not too salty, not too sweet, not too bittery, but just nice. Put it in an oven, baked through scorching heat and pressure and voila!  You have a masterpiece that’s uniquely yours.

It’s the same with life. This very life that we go through every single second. We go through different experiences. Sweet, bitter, painful, jovial..and we know how each of them feels like. When it is the first time of having such experience, we are often very much affected by it. We might be too happy that we forgot to feel syukur (thankful). We might be so sad we almost forgot we have Him to console us. We might feel such, pride..that we might feel so proud and boast about everything. We might feel so pained that we almost forgot only He can cure.

Yes. First time, it’s always like this. We are very much affected with them. Sometimes extremely affected, we give the wrong reaction. Still, we have memories of them. We receive advices and consolations from dear friends and families, we learn doas to help accept the experiences, and learn the correct ways to perceive them. We are becoming a better person. Now we are ready. When the second wave comes, we know how to handle those experiences. Or as I’d like to put it – tests. We might still not able to handle the tests correctly but hey, it’s better than the last time isn’t it? So why stop? Seek more doas, more advices, and more consolations.. Don’t stop. Because by the time the third wave comes, we are even better. The fourth and fifth and so on, we get better and better each time. In the end, what do have with us? Precious memories and experience to guide us. And insyaAllah, guide others as well.

Sounds familiar? Yup. Just like cooking. You can never get it perfect the first try. But you can always get it to perfection with every try. :)

Now. Pause for a moment. Compare the now You with the past You. Different? Same? You judge. If its better, alhamdulillah. If not, it’s never too late to become better.

The flour, is our life. Allah gives it to us with a purpose. A single purpose. Nourish it in His name. He gives the recipe, and all we have to do is follow through.

The mixtures, is the experiences we go through everyday. Some may be sweet, some may be bitter. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you always remember Him no matter where you are.

The scorching heat and pressure, are the tests we have gone or will go through. Every time we get out of them, we are all a better person insyaAllah. That is, if you take heed.

Nobody wants to lead an all-too-sweet life, as that will make us very brittle when the bitter parts of life comes crashing in. Nobody wants to lead an all-too-bitter life, as that will make us forget how beautiful and sweet life really is. But what we should have, is a nice proportion of each mixture. So that in the end, we have already tasted the different tastes of life. And that is the best of life you can ever have.

It’s not that we should ask for the bitterness to come. But we should ask for strength to comprehend it. The same thing with sweetness. Too much sugar, you get diabetes.

“Kurangkan gula dalam minuman, banyakkan gula dalam senyuman.”
(Less sugar in drinks, more sugar in smiles)

Mix all of them, bake, and you get a nice golden homemade bread. It might not be very sweet, and certainly we don’t want a very bitter burnt bread, but it’s the best bread we’ll ever taste.

have a nice day :)

This world is the garden for the animals and the plants. 
We have to allow them to cultivate this garden.
Our Garden is not here but in the Hereafter. 
We're just passing by.
-Dr Umar Faruq


Prawn Pau ;p said...

when the next wave come,we can even perceive it.be even stronger n stronger.HE is with us,kan? :) a lovely post,indeed.


when any waves come,we can always perceive it correctly and get better each time, Inshaallah. He is always with us. Have faith :)

Soffeatul Raunaqiah said...

hewhewhew, baru tergerak hati nak baca, I'm always so lazy, sorry. Afiq, kau ni nulis beautiful beno lah. jealous aku. Nice post!