Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Changes when you are treading your mid 20s, may come as a whole lot realisation or that meek buzz humming in your ear. Nevertheless, one short attention span to it and you realise there is a lot of things you should've paid attention to. One of the most striking thing I realise as I tread through my 20s, is my perception of people.

I've started to realise that it's a bit like water flowing down a river. There will be certain things that it will pass by unaffected, but there will be certain things that the water will carry with it along its journey. Sometimes, there will be certain things that are so large, it changes the water and its direction.

I am more at ease at accepting that if people don't stick by me, it is completely okay. They make the ones who do stick more apparent, more precious. especially after all that had happened, I am more cynical of words. I am very cautious about who I let into my lives. My acquaintances are many, but my real friends are but a few handful. My emotion quotient is exhaustible, so it might as well be for those who really deserve it. It may be defensive, but if someone's a friend, he/she wont judge me on that. In fact, they just don't judge ever.

So it's over a year now since this blog had any furbishment. Two thousand and fourteen, here's some cheers for you who stayed. :)