Saturday, January 16, 2016


Do you believe in anything now?
Wander around blinded by pain
Your inner storm is so loud
I can barely stand in your rain

Can you recall your own smile?
Before the screaming began
When it snowed heavily while
You refused to go outside, again

She's still inside, empty 
And lonely
You can't reach her 
And you're not sure if it's the temper 

Her mouth refused to smile. 
Why won't it smile? 
Maybe she's silently thinking 
But something is missing

The icy tears running down 
An unmistakable pain 
You see it in her face
The cold silence in words - strained 

She's hugging herself 
She's lost
She's scared
Oh - she looks tired. 

You tried asking what's wrong 
She kept silent and long 
But you need to know
Will you ever know? 

The thin wall of pretence, see!
Worn - thinned - clear
And then, you look up at me
Welcome to your barrier

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