Monday, February 29, 2016


It was supposed to be a transient hiatus. One that he'll end and resume his daily scrolling. 'It's too loud. It's full of hatred', he reasoned.

The two conjoined "names" that accompany each display photo were static. The photos themselves were mime and palsed. And what followed every display photos were their opinions, and rightfully theirs. But what he couldn't stand was the imagery that it brings.

Everyone at each other's throats. Understandably, everyone is standing their ground and words (Would the few sordid comments even justify the posts?). Understandably, news flash faster than it ever did. And so were slanders and lies and deceit and shaming and blaming and cursing and sneering and lamenting and whining and taunting.

Damn it. He funneled right back into the chaos he tried to restrain from. What was he thinking? That his absence would somehow reset that world and people would began talking nicely? Or that somehow corrupt politicians and fake celebrities would somehow die off one by one and everyone rejoice and somehow, peace finds its way?

No it's much bigger than that. A week wasn't enough. He couldn't cut off without losing tracks of viral info he needed and yet he just couldn't stand the clamor of it all. Everyone's talking. Nobody's listening. He'll be damned if the space ever shuts up and everyone gave up their accounts.

Five minutes into checking vital news and it's already the back of his brain. The pulsating calor in all his lobes, the binaural ringing in his ear that tapers louder, the nauseating knot in his chest as his smile to see his friends' updates slowly curved downwards at the bogusness of it all.

He'll shut down again. Maybe some other time. 

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