Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Dance

 Your fingers grazed my opened palm
 As you ascend into my presence
 Your shy eyes spoke a thousand verses
 And your brows curved a thousand silence

In your embrace I learnt to dance
 One foot after another, a fluid rhythm
 A slow nervous pace
 Your cold fingers tightened around mine
 Our breaths began to run
 Along the yards of our skipping hearts
 Back and forth, gently my love
 The spring breeze sways the daisies

Our wind is our world, our spin in our court
Let me in let me see too, let me breathe you
The music in our ears, masked emotions
And you wouldn't let go
Faster and faster we spin
In our universe where we're alone
Immortal - eternal

The music nears an end
You missed a move and stepped on my foot
You lurched and held on tight
And you wouldn't let go
O that's when our gaze met
O that's when our bodies stopped

And you, 
Our hearts stopped too. 


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