Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our Secret Tunnel

In the middle of the flowing seasons,
I suddenly feel the length of the days. 
During the days when it is too busy, 
you and I sketch out our future.

Placing their love on March's wind, 
the sakura buds continue on through spring.

Rays of an overflowing light, 
little by little, warm up the morning. 
After giving a large yawn, 
I'm a little shy being by your side.

Standing at a new world's entrance, 
I now notice that I'm not alone. 

The dust carried by a whirlwind, 
entwines with the laundry to be done, 
Just before noon the white moon in the sky  
I was somehow fascinated by how pretty it was. 

Although there are times when I can't do it right, 
if I look up at the sky, even being that small. 

The blue sky is sharply clear 
the sheep-like clouds quietly sway. 

The joy of waiting for flowers to bloom 
if it's sharing that with you, that is happiness. 

In the future as well, 
you'll gently smile next to me. 

If I close my eyes, you are there under my eyelids you live. 
How strong it could become 
As for you and me, 
I want to be together.

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