Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Time We Talked About Attachments

You don't have answers to a lot of your demands.

Do you take it as a demand?

To want, to hope is a demand isn't it?

To want is but a selfish desire. Often construed by one's insatiable lust. Often illusioned in clouds of reasoning and logics, embezzled by words and phrases.

To demand is but compounded wantings. Often partakers of anger and pride. Often rang and voiced in sonorous, a tone carrying weights and heaviness of principles and rights.

To hope is but a romanticized willingness. Often the reason we open our eyes in the morning to a splinter of light through the slit in the windows hoping for a better day. Today is always better than two tomorrows, right? Often the ember that gives light in the cold nights, to live and carry on. To love and hold. Often there's no reason to why it is there in the first place. Easily fired up by gentle wind or lost in a strong gust - or confusingly, the other way around.

So which is it?

[05/12/2016 00:27]

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