Saturday, May 20, 2017

Our Garden

The tears of Heaven scatter
deep in my heart they abide
upon the bushes of lavender
they pelt alone far and wide.

I wish desperately to remember
the days of evergreens and wildflower
but this bereavement is ruthless,
so hollow it carved me helpless.

This grief inexplicable, the loss unbearable;
the roses withered in sorrow so poignant.
Inside I crumbled, an empty facade in my shamble
And my legs betrayed me beneath the old linden.

I shiver in the cold like any other nights, Mother
The tempest nights of nightmares and reverie
That I dream of you by my side, a frightened fleur
and hold me in your embrace so warm and free.

Sometimes it’s too hot the thistle bends,
And the snowdrops hanged meek to the barren fence.
Sometimes the gates of Heavens would shatter,
Washing away the lone night’s pain and prayer.

My fraught whimpers are nothing but sober and sere
mere words don’t linger long, they don’t linger here.
For they are echoed in songs into the auburn evening
and my thinned broken smile they portended nothing.

But I miss you

So I seek you, in the starry skies above
where the empyreal Queen abide in her celestial guise
wherein I am reminded of the beauty I learnt to love
your heart; a florid arbour in the virgin sunrise.

My baby eyes see the stars in your eyes
As they fell in tears,
Like the ones I hid beneath arduous lies
Through the lonely years.

Your soul is born of Heavens bestow,
of angels, saint and such.
So how can there ever be sorrow,
when two teardrops touch?

Will you walk with me in the garden -
amidst the lilies’ first spring bloom?
We can tarry there Mother darlin’
Amidst their delicious sweet perfume.

We shall watch the dewdrops glisten
upon the gossamer’s magical spun
Rest beneath the stairs of linden
and watch the birds chasing the morning sun.

Beyond this evanescent parterre, lies a field
where souls lie in the grass in eons’ bliss,
beyond all woes, sorrows and tears – they shall yield,
where I will see you there, for one more kiss.

When this day finally bids adieu,
darkness shall fill the sky black once more
But I am stronger now and I shall tell you
that I love you, more than ever before.

I will walk without flinching - in the cathedral of summer,
Wait for me and we again, shall be together.

Afiq Fakhri Muhammad Salimi

December 5th 2015 : 0255


I wrote this piece a very long time ago, my 'always wanting' of putting it out for public reading always contended and contemplated, out of fear how it would be received by that person in particular - back then. But that reason no longer exists, and I realized that there are other person (and persons) who appreciate it the way I would want it to be appreciated and even more, in depth and luscious sweet understanding that this isn't just any piece but an obituary for someone. I hope this piece finds you comfort in times of despair, hopes in times of hopelessness, and light to follow down the tunnel where the sun has never shone - until now. Thank you Sun, for showing me the way.


Anonymous said...

This is extremely beautiful. Please carry on writing poetry!

-one of ur fans


To Anonymous,

Thank you for the appreciation. You are most kind with words. It is comments like this that keeps me going.

Afiq FM Salimi

Anonymous said...

I used to have that exact same fear of publishing my thoughts to public , but then I just published them anyway hoping that someone will take benefit from it as how I am now with your words.